Lambert International Airport, Comprehensive Arc Flash Study – St.Louis, MO [2014-2015]
Comprehensive short circuit, coordination and incident energy assessment including hard field data collection under operational and non-operational conditions. This large system is composed of several hundred nodes with voltages ranging from 4,160 to 208V.

Lambert International Airport, Medium Voltage System – St. Louis, MO [2000-2006]
Upgrades to Airport Electrical system by implementing 34.5KV High Voltage duct banks to three new Airfield Lighting Vaults. Design of 34.5KV Switchgear yard for new medium voltage service. Design of a high voltage duct-bank system, with its manhole and hand-hole junction points; this system cuts through the existing airfield and interfaces with two new airfield lighting vaults. Design also includes providing MEP for the north substation building, including lightning protection and grounding requirements.

Lambert International Airport, Runway Expansion - St. Louis, MO [2000-2006]
Expansion of Lambert Airport (STL) with the addition of a new runway 12R- 30L. The project is divided into three tasks: Airfield Development Study – electrical master plan for the airport, modification of existing airfield electrical distribution system, and new runway 12R-30L complex. Task 2 involved building two airfield lighting vaults and associated duct work, wiring and circuits. The system was designed to operate at 34.5KV and consist of multiple primary selective feeder pairs to ensure greater service dependability. The power system included a complete new north substation capable of distributing 34.5KV electrical power to all proposed airfield electrical vaults, two (2) new airfield lighting vaults and capacity for one additional vault for the new runway (Task 3), and an all loop fed, concrete encased reinforced ducts and power feeds connecting the new north substation and the two new airfield lighting vaults.

Lambert International Airport, New Baggage Handling System and Explosion Detection System Facility - St Ann, MO [2000-2006]
Lighting, power, fire alarm, CCTV and security systems design for this facility.

Lambert International Airport, Full Renovation of the Airport Administrative and Engineering Offices - St Ann, MO [2000-2006]
Demolition and Renovation work of a 4th floor 32,000 sq.ft. office space serving LSIA administrative and engineering personnel. Design included the lighting, fire alarm and provisions for communication systems.

Dallas County Underground Parking Structure- Dallas, TX [2000-2006]
Electrical design of a 600 car, 4-level underground structure with back-up generator power.