industrial / process

Elantas Inc Tank Farm Classified Areas and Grounding Design – St. Louis, MO[2016]
Survey of existing thirty (30) tank farm and formulation of classified areas plus grounding plans; project included tanker and railcar unloading areas.

Elantas Inc 4.16kV System Arc Flash Assessment Study – St. Louis, MO [2014]
50 Bus ETAP Model developed for a multi-voltage system ranging from 4.16kV through 480V; the system includes multiple transformer types, underground and overhead cabling, power circuit breakers, fuses and molded case circuit breakers. The 50 Bus ETAP model was utilized to yield Short Circuit, Time Current Curve and Arc Flash Data for analysis.

Spirit Aerosystems Lightning Protection System – Wichita, KS [2006-2013]
Design for a complete UL Master Labeled lightning protection system for a 20 acre critical assembly facility. Drawings and specification where issued to develop the design that included, air terminals serving the building perimeter, roof top mounted equipment, metal piping; the metallic building structure columns were utilized as down conductors taking advantage the existing ground ring is tied to them.

Spirit Aerosystems Tornado Recovery Effort Scopes of Work Assignment –Wichita, KS [2006-2013]
Generated templates defining the scope of work for the prospective contractors based on damage assessment reports. Actual physical verifications at each of approximately 60 buildings was performed as a due- diligence check.

Flint Hills Inc.–Corn Oil Extraction System- Fairbank, IA [2006-2013]
Served as electrical lead engineer for the design of a corn oil extraction sub- system at this existing Ethanol plant. Included a 60hp VFD load out pump and fitting the load out station which was located approximately 150’ away from the tanks.

Sensient Colors Inc.–Medium Voltage Electrical System Upgrade- St.Louis, MO [2006-2013]
Served as electrical lead engineer for a medium voltage power loop upgrade installation for Sensient Colors Inc. Due to limited capacity on an existing transformer and switchgear unit (PDC-2), new switchgear was integrated into an existing underground loop power system to re-feed process MCC’s. New equipment consisted of an outdoor unit substation that included a loop switch, fused main and 2500kVA, 4160V/480V pad-mounted transformer. The 480V secondary feeder extended to a main breaker that fed a 3000 amp, 480V switchboard (PDC-4) located inside the existing facility. Branch circuit feeders from PDC-4 were extended to existing MCC’s originally fed from PDC-2 to increase spare load capacity.

Monsanto - Glyphosate Debottlenecking-St. Louis, MO [2006-2013]
Senior Electrical Engineer responsible for final design of a chemical processing facility. Responsible for engineering teams’ work in PCL3 area. Led a 10 person team of engineers, designers, and drafters to deliver all EI&C engineering documents for new chemical process facility expansion. Systems included chlorine tank car unloading; multi-train chemical processing unit. Instrumentation and controls included discrete field devices, valves and transmitters. System controls included Emerson Provox, and DeltaV DCS equipment as well as Rockwell Automation ControlLogix and Texas Instrument PLCs. Electrical systems included new Eaton Cutler Hammer motor control centers with discrete controlled starters all housed in a pre-fabricated enclosure. The project featured multiple early release packages to streamline the construction schedule.

Glaxo Smith Kline- Air Handling Consolidation – St Louis, MO [2006-2013]
Power provisions for new mechanical units in floors two and three including VFD controlled exhaust fans and make up air unit.

National Corn to Ethanol Research Center (NCERC) – Edwardsville, IL [2006-2013]
Power provisions for a new panelboard and transformer and service from an existing power panel. Addition of a new VAV box.

Monsanto – Growth Chambers-St Louis, MO [2006-2013]
Lead electrical design engineer responsible for the design to insert and support two large capacity growth chambers in an existing shell space; growth rooms are fitted with normal and emergency lighting, power and controls. Collaborated closely with the building’s facility engineer to formulate optimal solutions for the incorporation of the new growth chambers into the existing electrical system.

Monsanto – C.E.A Growth Rooms-St Louis, MO [2006-2013]
Lead electrical design engineer responsible for the design to insert and support multiple growth rooms in an existing vivarium space; growth rooms are fitted with lighting, power and controls. This design required the installation of two large dry-type transformers and two large capacitys witchboards. Also, collaborated closely with the building’s facility engineer to formulate optimal solutions for the incorporation of the new growth rooms into the existing electrical system.

McKesson Pharmaceutical-New Four 25Ton Unit Installation – O’Fallon, MO[2000-2006]
Power provisions for new mechanical units from the existing service equipment; facility counts with its own back-up generator system.